Money Madness!


Do you ever have those lucid moments when you become aware of an insane point of view that you've been functioning from and creating your life with?!

I had one of those this morning as I was taking a shower. I have many amazingly aware moments when I'm having a shower.... who'd have known that having a shower could create so much awesomeness! Something I wished I'd known as a child, as then perhaps I wouldn't have argued so much about having to take part in "bath night!".

But I digress.... this morning, apropos of nothing, something came smashing into my awareness as I was contemplating paying some bills.  I had this thought "I love paying bills".  Hmmm. Really?  What do I love about paying bills?  Apparently, when I'm paying bills it means I have money. It proves to me that I can create money.

And if I don't have any bills to pay?

It seems the answer to that is... I don't have the money!

Say whaaaaat?! WTF?!!!!!!!!!

So I'm saying if I don't have bills to pay, then I don't have money?


Anything else?

If I don't have bill's to pay, then I'm not creating enough, because having bills is what motivates me to create money. And if I don't have any bills, then I have nothing to motivate me to have money.

The irony is... I seem to have been creating so many bills that no sooner does the money flow in, than it flows right back out! And then I have to create more bills in order to prove to myself that I am potent enough to create the money.

Now I'm not sure about you, but that all seems just a tincy wincy bit INSANE!

What's even more fabulous and awesome about this is I am now aware of the insanity I've been functioning from.  And now I have different choices and possibilities available to me. I could pick over the whole thing and try and find out when I bought that as real and true, and from whom... or I could just acknowledge how freaking insane it is, and how much it is NOT contributing to me, my life, my body, my reality, and the world, and instead choose something different.

So what else is possible here that I've never considered? What reality with having money can I now create, generate, and actualise that's about having fun, and playing with money without needing to create bills and invoices to prove anything to me or anyone?

I wonder too how much I created those bills not just to motivate me to create money... but also to ensure I never have too much or more than enough. After all, to have too much money and more than enough is bad, wrong, selfish, and evil. Interesting point of view. I know quite a few people who literally have millions... and they are the kindest, most unselfish, caring people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

So maybe all that stuff about money being bad, wrong, and evil, is a load of bollocks? At the every most it's just a point of view. Does that point of view work for me?

Not any more.

I wonder how much more fun and play I can have with money now that I get that I don't have to get rid of it!



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