I've been playing recently with receiving. Cognitively I get that being willing to receive everything is an amazing contribution to relating my life.

And yet…

There are clearly still things I’m unwilling to receive, otherwise I’d have in my life many more of the things I would like to have.

So what is that? What is this unwillingness to receive some things, and only receive others. I could go into lots and lots of justifications and explanations of “why”. I call bullshit on that. What’s underlying that. I wonder what is the thing that I’m most unwilling to receive that if I would be willing to receive it would open up my receiving of everything to an even greater degree with even more ease?

You know, it’s judgment. I’m unwilling to receive judgment. Whether it’s judgment you would define as “positive” or “negative” or “good” or “bad”. I’ve realised I’m unwilling to receive judgment. So what’s that about? I wonder…

Judgment is bad, wrong, evil, contracting, unhelpful, limiting, unrequired, undesired, and, and, and….

Or is it?

What if judgment is just information?

Another thing that more recently I get more deeply, is that judgment isn’t real. As long as I make it real, I live at the effect of it. No matter whether it’s “positive” or “negative” judgment. When I'm functioning from the space of making judgment real, I’m always having to decide whether or not I should receive the judgment or not. The energy and time I have to put into evaluating each and every judgment as it arrives… That’s exhausting! And it’s totally distracting! AND it’s no fun at all!

I wonder… What’s it going to take for me to perceive, know, be, and receive all judgment as just information? As I write that line my whole world just opened up.

It’s just a choice.

Yes, yes, I know that can be one of the most searingly frustrating responses. I wonder how frustrated we allow ourselves to get before we are willing to choose something different?

So making that choice… Will it change overnight? Maybe… But probably not. So what if you would be in allowance of you and ALL your choices - past, present, and future. What if you could just keep choosing and be present with all your choices it becomes easier. A question you can ask when you’re choosing something “is this expanding or contracting my life?”.  When you’re functioning from receiving judgment as just information is that contracting or expanding your life? What’s true for you?

Making choices and being present with your choices is like a muscle. You have to exercise it for it to grow. The more you choose it, the easier and more natural it becomes. Are you willing to make the demand of you to commit to you, have your own back, and let go of judging you?

Is now the time? The time is now… Now is the time...


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