It is often said “ask and it is given” and, in my experience this is always the case.

Everything I ask for always shows up for me.

I never used to believe that. I used to function from the space where I believed it didn’t really work for me. “I keep asking but it never shows up”. “I tried that it never really worked for me so I gave up”. “I think I don’t deserve to receive what I’ve asked for”. “I think it only works for some people and not others”. “Clearly I’m not a high enough vibration for it to work with me”.

Ouch! I’m not sure about you, but that lots feels so heavy to me! Oh. Heavy?! That means it can’t be true for me!  OK… So what’s right about this I’m not getting? This question changed so much for me.  So what is the truth for me?

Sometimes things take a little more time to show up than I originally expected. Expectations are often the silent killer of having things show up for you with ease. Let go of your expectations and it becomes a whole heap easier.

Another reason things sometimes take longer to show up is that we’re not always truly willing to receive them where we are right now.  I spent years asking for more clients to show up for me and to receive more money. I realise now just how unwilling I was to actually receive what I was asking for! All that money, all those clients - it was just too much for me at the time. I didn’t really feel like I deserved it or that I’d worked hard enough for it, and all sorts of other reasons and justifications for why I couldn’t really receive it.  

More often than not, (if ever!)  things don’t show up for you the way you expected them to. How many things have shown up for me totally differently to how I expected that I actually ended up ignoring them or pushing them away? It’s like, you ask the Universe for more money, typically for an amount you “need”, and it rarely shows up as one instalment. So you ask for £500 and it may show up in chunks of, say, £50. So instead of one amount of £500 you receive 10 of £50. But because the first couple of amounts aren’t what you decided you “need” you immediately close off your receiving of the rest of the money showing up for you!

This blog hasn’t really shown up the way I thought it would. I’ve ended up covering a whole heap more information than I anticipated and haven’t yet included the bit that inspired it! Funny huh?

So the bit that inspired me to write this blog about everything showing up for me that I’ve asked for was about all the people I’m meeting and creating things with in my life. About 4 years ago I started following and using the tools of Access Consciousness. At that time there were some people in Access who I admired and who utterly inspired and empower me to create change in my life. Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, Glenyce Hughes, Tamara Younker, and Liam Phillips, Lisa Murray.  I’ve met Gary and Dain - got to talk about sex and kindness with Gary Douglas in a class and even had a yummy hug from Dain - how did I get so lucky?!   I’ve met and created things with Glenyce Hughes (hosting her in October for another awesome class!), I co-host a radio show with Tamara Younker (Playground of Possibilities), hosted Liam Phillips for a class and am hosting him again at the end of April. And you know, the thing about these three specifically is… I actually consider them to be my friends. Not just people I’ve created with and worked with, and hosted. I know they totally have my back. I have a lot of fun with Lisa Murray and am really looking forward to actually meeting her in a few weeks and hosting her for a fabulous class in London.   

I never dreamed all those years ago that I’d even meet these people, let alone get to the point where I consider them friends. Did they show up 5 minutes after asking “what would it take to meet this person?” No. It took at least 2 years for Glenyce to show up in my life, another year for Tamara, and another year for Liam and Lisa. Did I get disappointed at any point? Nope. I just asked the question and kept asking questions. What else can I create and be today that will invite these people into my life to play with? And I just kept creating.  Ask. Create. Receive. Kind of one after the other… AND all three at the same time! Keep asking. Keep Creating. Keep receiving. As you allow things to show up for you to receive, keep asking and keep creating.

The more fun you have creating and asking, the more fun it can be receiving. And if you notice yourself judging yourself for things apparently not showing up for you, let go of your expectations and judgments. What else is possible that you’ve never considered? Also ask if it is showing up different to how you expected it to. Ask if you’re actually willing to receive it and if you’re not, cool bananas. Just let go of everything that doesn’t allow you to receive it. AND expand your allowance of you for what you are willing to receive.

We love to make ourselves wrong. And we can get caught up in the blame game too. So let go of your attachment to blame - whether that’s blaming you, the universe, or anyone or anything else. And stay in the question. What else is possible here that I’ve never considered? What else can I create that’s fun, phenomenal, and rewarding ? Who else can I create with that will be fun for us both? What else can I choose that will expand my life? What else can I receive today that I’ve never been willing to receive before? Who or what can I be and do different today that will expand my life in fun, awesome, and yummy ways right away as if by magic?

So beautifuls….. Keep on asking. Keep on Creating. Keep on Receiving. And above all… Keep on making choices that are fun for you.



04/16/2016 8:01am

Brilliant it started to happen to me when I believed in me. Thank you

I agree that expectation must be forgetting especially for thing that we do that has an outcome, because this might affect how we want things to turn out. Letting go of expectation would avoid us from worrying from our decisions. Even though the decision that we made in life has positive or negative outcome we must be proud of it because at least we tried and did it with the best that we can. The fun is really the key for you us to see the outcomes enjoying what we do will make us better. Exactly the thing to remember is that you must always choose the path or the things that would make you happy because it's all about your life and its enjoying life to the fullest.

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