I don't know how familiar you are with the term "edging" so I'll start by giving you a brief explanation...

Edging is where you sexually stimulate someone (you or someone else) to the brink of orgasm. It can take a lot of self control, focus, and attention to keep someone just on the edge, but never going over. It can feel enormously enjoyable, and at the same time incredibly frustrating! Aching to explode, but never quite allowing yourself (or someone else) to reach and experience the climax. Often, when you do get to orgasm, you're so exhausted from the whole edging experience that, although it can feel wonderful, you don't feel like doing anything else until you recover sufficiently.  Often the orgasm, when it comes, can be more intense than if you don't edge before it. For men, the force of the ejaculation can be stronger, and more, shall we say, "plentiful".

So why am I talking about? Basically I was wondering about this as edging is something I do particularly enjoy. Both doing to myself and to others. It got me to pondering... where am I doing this in my life? Where am I keeping myself on the brink of delicious, creative, expansive, abundant, yummy, joy-filled screaming orgasm? Where do I keep my creations just on the edge of orgasmic explosion and actualisation? Where am I trying to build up so much creative energy until I've decided I've reached the pinnacle of when would be the best time to "let it go" to the point that I never actually allow it to actualise?  Do you get what I'm saying?

It's like we get caught up in the frustration/pleasure of the build up to creating, and almost become so addicted to it, that we never allow it to come to fruition (no pun intended!). Or we keep pushing it to see how long we can last before we allow ourselves to experience that joyful explosion, whether it is a kindness to us, our lives, or the world to keep everyone hanging on. There is also the point of view that, once the explosion has actually taken place, it will all be over really quickly and then you'll have to spend ages recovering, and then have to rebuild up  to get to the point where you can experience it again. 

So what else is possible here? What if it's possible to have fun edging sometimes without becoming so addicted to it, or fearful of the climax that you can create your life with more ease? And what if it's totally possible to experience that intensity of joy and pleasure without the life-long build up? And what if you don't have to be totally and utterly exhausted after the creative explosion so that you can immediately go on to the next creation? And what if you can create multiply at the same time - so you edge some creations whilst actualising others? And, if you never have tried edging, maybe it's a creative juicy experience that you'd like to play with and explore? What would be most fun for you and your life creation?



03/20/2016 5:28am

I wonder. What if the explosion filled you up instead of draining you down?

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