I don't know about you, but I often get my greatest awarenesses of things whilst I'm in the shower... and today was no exception.

I was thinking about some things in my life that appear not to have changed and that felt completely heavy and wonky for me. Hmmm... interesting! Being me, I asked a couple of questions:

- what is this?
- what do I know about this?

And then, boom.... there it is! A big fucking lie!

One of the many, many, many things I've come to be aware of since playing with the tools of Access Consciousness ® is that when something is not true for me it feels heavy, wonky, and contracted.

OK - so... it hasn't changed is a lie... interesting. And if it's not true, what is true?

Giving it a second... that, at the time, felt like a millennium.... boom - OH! if it's not true that it hasn't changed, then the truth is it HAS changed!  Bang!


Oh my goodness!

Well buggery fuck!

And if it has changed, putting my attention and point of view on "it hasn't changed" just keep re-creating the very thing that I desired to change in the first place.




How many things have I decided haven't changed because there were no bells, whistles, and rockets and blatantness happening when they did!?! And how many of those have I (and do I!!!) keep re-creating because I've not acknowledged they have changed, so I recreate them just to prove myself right that they haven't changed, that ultimately keeps me re-creating my life exactly as it is!

Now... I could choose to go into loads and loads of judgment of me for my lack of awareness, my previous unwillingness to ask a question, my tenacity to keep re-creating that which isn't fun for me.... Like I haven't chosen that a few billion times in the past!


I could choose something else. 

Time to knock that shit on the head. I'm choosing different!


My world expands again.

So from this space of acknowledging
that something has changed, more possibilities become available to me.

So what else has changed in my life, as a direct result of me asking for something different, that I have
not acknowledged, that if I would acknowledge it will create even more space, expansion, ease, joy, and yumminess in EVERY area of life my life as if by magic?

Oh, oh, oh... and what else can i acknowledge about my life today that I've not acknowledged before that if I would acknowledge it will give me more of me with total ease and deliciousness?

I wonder what possibilities and yumminess could show up for you if you would acknowledged ALL the change you've created in your life


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