What targets and aims do you have for this month? Have you set any? Or do you shy away from them?

I know for many that they really resist setting "goals" for themselves. Interesting isn't it that the word gaols is so very similar. Gaols = old english for jails.  and what if targets and aims are not goals? Gaols/jails are stationary, static, and immovable. Whereas targets and aims can be adjusted many times.

You see the thing with having aims and targets is that they are signals to the Universe of what you are choosing to create. It communicates to the Universe where you're headed so that it can do all the necessary stuff to contribute to you arriving there.

The thing with targets too is that they are not necessarily linear and neither do they require you to not deviate. A metaphor might assist here:  

When an aeroplane takes off it has a target destination. It doesn't just fly directly, straight to the target. The plane is always adjusting to account for changes in conditions - wind, weather, other aeroplanes! And also, if you fly from, say, London to South Africa, you may flight to one place to pick up a connecting flight to your target destination. Indeed, there are two targets there, one leading to the other. AND you may even decide not to follow on from your first target to your second.

Everything is malleable and changeable.  Each choice takes you nearer or further from your target and respond to whatever is going on around you in that moment and be aware of what is coming up. .  If you choose in 10-second increments, you can stay ahead of "the weather" and always be in awareness of what you can choose that will be most fun and create the most for you.

How much fun can you have setting the energy in motion for what you'd like to create and actualise in and as your life by setting some targets and aims? And what if you don't have to make it all meaningful and significant? What if setting targets and aims could be as delicious and exciting as booking a holiday, or booking a table for dinner, or ordering something delicious in a restaurant, or asking for something you desire in a shop?

Working with a coach or facilitator can really contribute to choosing and setting your aims and targets... Even as I coach and facilitator myself I work with facilitator.  I find it  a really fun way of getting clear on what I desire in my life and what's required to achieve it. And you know what? It's a bloody lot more fun having someone help me with it than struggling with it on my own!



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