When it comes to your body, what bits of it do you enjoy and appreciate? All of them? Some of them? None of them?

So, men, when it comes to your cock, how much do you enjoy and appreciate it? Is it just something functional that allows you to pee or have sex? Imagine how you'd feel if everyone treated you as something that is either a unit for disposing of what is not wanted, or something to give them pleasure. When was the last time you actually explored, caressed, and nurtured your cock and balls? 

Which brings me to another point - how do you refer to your "bits"? Do you have particular euphemisms? Are you embarrassed to even refer to them as "penis and testicles"? I hear many men refer to it as "downstairs", "little man" "unmentionable" "privates" "manhood", "crown jewels" and even "junk". There is no judgment here from me - I just wonder how much appreciation there is of your cock and balls if you refer to them as your "junk"? Isn't junk something that's worthless that you'd you'd like to get rid off?

When it comes to appreciating your cock and balls, what if that doesn't have to mean masturbating until you cum? Yes of course that can be a lot of fun and totally nurturing too. What if it's not the only way of pleasuring and appreciating yourself? Many men masturbate with the sole intention of getting to orgasm as quickly as they can. What if you allowed yourself to masturbate slowly, over a prolonged period? What if you got really curious about what your body really enjoys? What if you stopped making yourself wrong for touching yourself? What if it's not "dirty" to caress yourself with affection?

There are so many judgments about the penis. "it's ugly", "it's wrinkly" "its dirty", it's beautiful, it's sexy, and so on.  And for the love of god, when will men let go of the need to keep judging their cock in relation to its size! How do you feel when someone judges you as being too big, too small, too thin, or too fat? Not great right?

At what age did you learn that judging your cock was what was required in order to fit into this world? At what age did you give up enjoying and appreciating your cock just because it was fun? When was the last time you spent time just appreciating your cock and without forcing yourself to the point of ejaculation? 

Is now the time to reacquaint yourself with your penis? I wonder how grateful and appreciating your whole body would be if you did? I wonder how much more joy you could have in your life if you would appreciate your cock and honour its desires more than you ever have before? Is now the time to get naked and explore playing with you?



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