Ever heard anyone tell you that "where there's muck there's money"?, or maybe "where there's muck there's brass"?

In many ways this could actually be true. Let's say, for instance, you own horses. You could potentially sell the horse poo (manure) and make shitloads (literally!) of money!

However, is there always money where there's muck? 

See I wonder where we've mis-identified and and mis-applied that saying to mean that wherever there's crap there's money? And to take that further, because we've sometimes mis-identified and mis-applied it as ALWAYS being the case, how often have we (and do we!) create crap in our life in the hope it will make us money?

What if, instead of concluding that ALL doodoo creates dosh, what if we could ask a question instead? A question like "truth, will this make me money?" Simple as that. "Truth, will choosing this, or creating this, make me money?". Then you follow the lightness. Sometimes doodoo will create dosh, and sometimes it won't. What would it take for us always to trust our awareness? Are you willing to make the demand of you always to ask a question, and to trust your awareness regardless of what other people are choosing?

So... where there's poo in your life right now - is it making you money? If not, is now the time to flush it away before you get totally buried by it? 


01/22/2016 11:06pm

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