So there I was trying to get my mouse to work this morning and would it go in the direction I required it to go? Would it buggery!

I felt myself going into frustration! "what's wrong with this fucking mouse?" And the question there is?! Errm - that'll be a conclusion with a question mark attached....

Feeling the frustration I realised I was getting into conclusion and contraction. So I asked: OK so what's right about this I'm not getting? Which is a great question and very different to "what's wrong with me?" which is where I would have gone in the past.

Took my hand off the mouse to inspect it (it's a wireless mouse for an iMac) and noticed I had the mouse upside down! bahahaha!! The power of questions overcomes stupidity ;-)

So if things aren't quite going the way you'd like right now, what's right about it you're not getting? What information do you require to change it or create something different? What else is possible that you've never considered? What questions can you ask that will contribute to you and what you've got going on for you right now?



The power of questions can help you to think critically. I experienced that many times. I keep asking myself. Why should I do that? I have many questions. I understand, that if I start questioning myself, there is a solution to my problem. Logically speaking, question can help you to solve or problems in life. Don't hesitate to ask yourself. Questions can put you in charge of the conversation. Information is power and what you get from the question is information.

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