When I was a small boy I used to visit the zoo with my family. At first I used to get excited about seeing all the wild and exotic animals caged up in limited space, being stared at by other people.

After the first visit I didn't get so excited any more. For me, seeing those animals in limited space wasn't fun or exciting. I used to ask questions about "where do they live normally?" and "why can't they just live in the wild?" and "why can't they have more space to live in?". I was quickly told to shush and stop asking stupid questions. 

After all these years I wonder who was most caged up, locked up, and imprisoned... the animals, or the people watching them!

After many years of people campaigning, zoos in the UK are nearly non-existent, and those that do exist create much greater space and better living environments for the animals in them. 

This blog is not about the rightness or wrongness of putting animals in zoos. So let me take you to where I'm headed....

The long and short of it is - we realised that putting animals in small spaces that are not natural to them wasn't the greatest kindness. 

However - we continue to limit ourselves. Do you get that? We pop ourselves in these invisible cages of limitation and no-choice no-possibility and try to live our life from there. And how's that working for you? How big is your cage of limitation? 

You can bet your sweet ass you wouldn't put animals in the size of cages we try to squeeze ourselves into - which doesn't work by the way! It just creates unhappiness, dis-ease in the body, and limits the contribution we can gift and receive to the entire world.

What greater kindness can you be to yourself and the world than to stop trying to put yourself into a zoo of limitation.  Is it really your greatest contribution to the world to keep yourself limited and pretending you're a victim?  I heard someone say once "We're infinite Beings - let's get the fuck on with it!". True story! 

So would you be willing to unlock the cage of limitation, no-choice, and no-possibility that you keep yourself locked up in? Would you be willing to open the door, step out, and Be the Infinite Being you truly Be? Would you be willing to Know that you Know that the cage you've been putting yourself in is a great big buggery bollocks illusion in the first place?

You know it's OK if you don't. You can keep living in your tiny zoo cage if you like. Forgive me if I don't come to spectate.  Forgive me if I don't feel sorry for you. Forgive me if I don't join you. Actually forgive me or not - I'm just not choosing that any more. 

What invitation can our stepping out of the cage of limitation Be for others? What else would be possible in the world if we would choose to let go of limiting ourselves and pretending we are small and powerless?

Is now the time to let go of limiting you?



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