When it comes to you and your business, have you decided what kinds of people you will and will not work with?

Now it may well seem sensible and a good idea to be picky about who you will work with.

For instance, you may choose never to work with convicted criminals, or people who earn below a certain amount of money, or people who come from a particular background, or black people, or americans, or gay people, or disabled people, or men, or women, or people below or above a certain age.

What criteria are you using? And how is that contributing to your business? Is it working well for you? 

Now this blog is not about the rights and wrongs of discrimination. It's about getting you to be aware of the criteria you are using that could well be limiting just how successful your business AND life is.  

What? Whoa now. Wait a minute! Did I just say "life"? 

You betcha sweet ass I did!

People use criteria to choose who they will and will not gift and receive contribution to and from in all areas of their life - whether they are aware of it or not. What if you had no criteria at all? What if you had no judgment? What if you were willing to gift and receive to and from everyone and everything? Bearing in mind - being willing does not mean you have to choose it. 

You see here's the thing..... if you have a set of criteria that keeps "convicted criminals" from your life and business, what about someone who's convicted for shoplifting because he/she was trying to feed his/her family? What about someone who took drugs in their youth and was convicted for it but never done it since? what about someone who's been to court for being bankrupt? What about someone who was convicted wrongly for a crime and was later found not guilty?

Do you see? If you carte blanche say no to people with convictions - who are you cutting out of your life and business who could be a phenomenal contribution to you?

This is where it gets even more whacky... how many lifetimes have you been and done all the things you have decided in this life you will not have in your life? How many lifetimes have you been rich, poor, murdered, raped, been a woman, or a man, been a catholic, been a muslim, been american, been a lesbian, been black and so on.... What if there is nothing you have not been or done in some form in other lives you've had? And what if that's the same for EVERYONE? So if everyone has done all the things in one lifetime or another that you've now decided you will not receive in this life, how many people can come to you to gift and receive contribution to and from you?

Now you may well have a preference for working with a particular group of people - and that's totally cool. Great stuff! What if that doesn't preclude you working with others if that would create something awesome and phenomenal for everyone involved?

Are you willing to ask the question: what criteria am I using to limit from whom and how much I can gift and receive?

You see it's not until you're aware of what criteria you're using that you can start to be aware of whether that is actually contributing to or limiting your life.

What else would be possible for you, your life, and your business if you didn't use selection criteria to be the ultimate decider about whether you will or will not gift to or receive from someone or something?  What else would be possible for you if you were willing to gift to and receive from everyone and everything?

So let me leave you with the question again.... what criteria am I using to limit from whom and how much I can gift and receive ?



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