Backing up


Backing up.... a great idea for our computers and files. I've been there myself where I haven't backed up data and it's caused me hours of recreation of things! So... backing up is a great idea and essential, yes? For everything? I wonder....

I received a spammy email in my inbox this morning entitled "back up your life". The moment I read those words a whole heap of awareness flashed through my mind causing me to say quite loudly "Oh buggery fuck!". Why did that cause consternation you may wonder?  

Well in that nanosecond of reading that email title I had the awareness that I've had this energetic programme running on default that backs up everything I experience. That way, my Being would never forget or miss a single experience, thus ensuring
  •  that I have access to everything that's every happened to me
  • that I remember every wonderful experience and so can appreciate them more
  • that I remember every "mistake" I've ever made thus ensuring I never make the same one again
  • that I remember who I am so that I can "know my place and purpose in life"
  • I can continue to grow and not do the same things more than once thinking that I'm doing them for the first time
  • that I have something to reflect back over to guide me in how to create my life going forward

There's so much limitation in that for me! I also realised I have another energetic programme running that each day restores any older information that got deleted or changed the day before. Sounds sensible... except... what if that data is no longer relevant or is found to be inaccurate? And what if it was never relevant or accurate at all?!

Do we really want to keep trying to create our lives by reflecting upon the past? What if we can create our lives in the moment by being aware of what possibilities exist for us right now? What if each choice we make creates and opens up different possibilities? 

I realised how much importance, relevance, significance, and meaning we place upon past events to guide us in creating our present and future. No wonder change can sometimes take so fucking long if all we're doing is rehashing old backups from the past!

And look at the words themselves "back up". Back up. BACK UP. In other words... go backwards! Nooooo! Now of course you might want to back up your car if it's about to drop into a ditch! But in the case of "backing up your life" do you really want to keep backing up to a previous place of less awareness and choice?

Would you be willing to delete and destroy ALL backups you've taken for this life and ALL your lives wherever they have been? And would you be willing to delete and destroy ALL backups of backups and ALL other "failsafes" you've put in place for this life and ALL your lives wherever they have been?

What would your life be like if you would be willing to function and create your life from pure energy, space, and consciousness ? Are you willing to create and choose your life from limitless possibilities?  



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