Absolutely right. You can't lose weight.

What the fuck?! 

Truth: are you an infinite Being with physical body, or are you just a physical body?

For me, what feels true for me is that I am an infinite Being with a physical body. Taking that as our premise for this blog, who has the extra weight that you'd like to lose, you the infinite being or your physical  body? 

As an infinite Being, is there anywhere you are not? And is there anything you do not know? So if you the infinite being are everywhere and know everything, can you ever lose anything? 

Following a different perspective, does my body lose weight, or does it transform it's shape and mass? and what if my body can be any shape it would like to be? Indeed, have you even asked your body what shape it would like to be? What if the shape of your body has absolutely fuck all to do with how much it appears to weigh?

So when it comes to telling myself "I cannot lose weight" I am absolutely correct. So do I just give up and keep on judging myself as useless, fat, and unable to have the body I desire? Or do I ask some questions?  What I if I can also choose something different. what if I can let go of all my fixed points of view about weight, heaviness, body shape, and how easy it is to change and transform my physical body? What if I can ask my body what shape and weight IT desires? What if i can ask my body what it requires and desires to assist it to be the shape and weight it desires? What else is possible here that we've never even considered? What questions can you ask that will gift you more ease, communion, and joy with your physical body? But don't ever choose that eh... you might actually change the shape of your body with more ease than ever before than that would be really bad.
Ever heard anyone tell you that "where there's muck there's money"?, or maybe "where there's muck there's brass"?

In many ways this could actually be true. Let's say, for instance, you own horses. You could potentially sell the horse poo (manure) and make shitloads (literally!) of money!

However, is there always money where there's muck? 

See I wonder where we've mis-identified and and mis-applied that saying to mean that wherever there's crap there's money? And to take that further, because we've sometimes mis-identified and mis-applied it as ALWAYS being the case, how often have we (and do we!) create crap in our life in the hope it will make us money?

What if, instead of concluding that ALL doodoo creates dosh, what if we could ask a question instead? A question like "truth, will this make me money?" Simple as that. "Truth, will choosing this, or creating this, make me money?". Then you follow the lightness. Sometimes doodoo will create dosh, and sometimes it won't. What would it take for us always to trust our awareness? Are you willing to make the demand of you always to ask a question, and to trust your awareness regardless of what other people are choosing?

So... where there's poo in your life right now - is it making you money? If not, is now the time to flush it away before you get totally buried by it? 
When it comes to committing to you and your life and what you would like to create as your life, have you committed to it yet? 

So many awarenesses and places this blog could go! 

I'm going to start with this one: where am I lying to myself!

So for the last 6 months to a year I've been asking the Universe to show me everywhere I'm lying to myself. Seems committing to me and my life is one of them! Damn - and I really thought I'd been doing that for the last 6 months too!

Rather than go into judgment of me, I asked a question - what's stopping me from committing to myself and my life? The awareness I had this morning: I'm waiting for it to be perfectly the way I would like it to be and then I'll commit. Doh! that's cute and not bright!

When you buy (or move into) a new home, you don't expect it to be perfect already right? You move in and change the decor and garden etc according to your taste and preferences after. It's very rare to find a home you can move straight into and it will be perfect from the very second you enter. For starters you still need to put your furniture in the places you'd like it to be. It's an ongoing process of enjoying your home.

 And have you ever noticed that it never stays "perfect"? Things require attention and maintenance. Things require cleaning and replacing. It never stays exactly the same. And what if this constant change IS perfection? Nothing ever really stays the same, much as we sometimes wish it would. That's the route to self-sabotage, stagnation, and self-destruction. Except we're infinite beings and can never be destroyed. Thus we can find ourselves sitting in a box that we created that we absolutely know is not fun. How long will we continue to choose that for? How long will we wait for things to change before we allow ourselves to create and have more fun?

What if committing to our life is part of this constant change and creation? And what if we let go of all the expectations about what our life "should" look like before we allow ourselves to enjoy it? What would that create for the world? What doors of possibilities would that open up? What would happen if we actually stopped judging our life as not perfect and/or "not quite perfect yet"?

Life is not something we create as "perfect' and then settle down to stagnate. Although I know it's possible to get caught up in that way of thinking.

So what happens next? We have this awareness and what do we do with it? What else is possible here beyond anything we've never considered before?

Are you willing to make the demand of you to commit to you and your life no matter what? Universe show me what my life would be like if I would totally commit to my life... What's it going to take to commit totally to my life? What amazing contribution would it be if I would commit totally to my life right away?

Is now the time for you to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and instead to acknowledge that everything is already perfection?